Elon Musk Changes His Own Name to WTF

One week after changing Twitter’s name to X, Elon Musk has changed his own name to WTF.

Explaining the decision to reporters, he said, “Elon Musk is an O.K. name, but WTF fits me better.”

“I know that people everywhere have extremely warm and positive associations with the name Elon Musk,” he added. “But, as we say at SpaceX, sometimes you have to blow things up.”

The tech magnate revealed that his new name had been chosen “in a fun contest” by employees at X headquarters. “People may have been pissed when I wouldn’t let them work from home, but one perk of coming in to the office is you get to do cool stuff like this,” he noted.

He said that the name WTF won the contest after beating back a strong challenge from the employees’ second-favorite name for him, LMFAO.