New Trump fundraising email claims candidate needs $5 for bus to New Jersey so he can see ailing mother

Urging his supporters to act now before it was too late, Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign reportedly sent a new fundraising email Wednesday claiming that the candidate needed $5 for the bus to New Jersey so that he could see his ailing mother. “I am so sorry to bother you, but my mother is currently lying in a hospital bed in Jersey City,” read the email from the former president, which mentioned that while he had managed to scrape $3.50 together, he was still $5 short of the ticket that would take him back home.“Please, I can’t drive because my car was just impounded while I was also in the hospital. I had cancer and malaria. My mom has malaria and a heart attack. I take Venmo, as well as Zelle.” At press time, Trump had sent him a follow-up email claiming that he also needed money to buy food for his dog, attaching a photo of Rudy Giuliani.