Trump says echoing Nazis helps “stir debate”

On Fox News’ Media Buzz Saturday morning, Trump continued defending using Hitler’s rhetoric against migrants. MeidasTouch first reported on Trump’s use of “poisoning the blood of our country,” linking it to the writings of Hitler.

Trump has continued using “poisoning the blood” and other Nazi rhetoric even when receiving backlash about it. During his Fox News interview, Trump was asked why he uses Hitler’s rhetoric when the press is going to attack him for it.

Trump then implied he “didn’t know that” he was using Hitler’s rhetoric even though his campaign issued a denial about it only for Trump to continue using it. Trump then affirmed the rhetoric, doubling down on it again during the interview:

“Because our country is being poisoned. Look, we have, and we can be nice about it and we can talk about, ‘Oh, I want to be politically correct…’ 

Trump then agreed with the idea that his Nazi rhetoric helps him “stir debate” and gets him a media coverage boost:

“It also gets people thinking about important issues that if you don’t use certain rhetoric, if you don’t use certain words, that maybe are not very nice words, nothing will happen. That did stir debate, but it happens to be true.”

Trump also called his Nazi rhetoric, “true.” The clip was posted to Twitter by Aaron Rupar, a journalist and producer of the newsletter Public Notice. Trump says he uses “true” Nazi rhetoric to boost media coverage. The GOP presumptive nominee has no problem using Hitler’s words as a weapon in his presidential campaign.