Tlaib And Omar Try To Sneak Into Israel Stacked On Top Of Each Other Inside A Trenchcoat

TEL AVIV—Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were denied entry into Israel, but that wasn’t going to stop these two clever women from visiting the country they hate so much. So they hatched a plan, and it almost worked.

It was late in the day when a very wobbly, eight-foot-tall figure in a trench coat approached Tel Aviv’s airport security checkpoint, the person’s face obscured behind sunglasses. “Hello. Am I a very tall Jew and I would like to come into Israel. Oy vey,” said the person in a deep voice that sounded a bit off.

“Now we don’t have anything against tall people,” explained IDF soldier Dan Edelstein, who was manning the checkpoint at the time, “but we tend to be cautious at our ports of entry — you know, with everyone always trying to murder us — so we thought we should check out this person a bit more closely.”

Edelstein said they asked the person his name and where he was from, which led to sounds like whispering coming from inside the trenchcoat before getting the answer that his name was “Bob” and he was from “Israel City, Israel.” Though there was nothing wrong with those answers, they decided to take “Bob” to a back room for more questioning. At that time, the trenchcoat got caught in a door and came off, revealing that underneath was Ilhan Omar sitting on Rashida Tlaib’s shoulders.

“You two rascals!” Edelstein shouted at them. “We told you you’re not allowed here! You scram!”

Tlaib then ran off with Omar still on her shoulders, both of them vowing Israel’s destruction.

Tlaib and Omar don’t plan to give up and have reportedly purchased a large number of balloons so they can float into Israel, though IDF soldiers have also armed themselves with pea shooters.


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