America’s neo-nazis ask for patience and space to grieve downfall of racist dictator

As the results of the 2020 election settle in, America’s neo-nazi community is asking for time and space to grieve the downfall of their beloved racist dictator, Donald Trump.

“I’m so sad, bro,” said local skinhead John White, wiping tears off of his 1488 cheek tattoo. “I really thought it was going to be easy to fulfill my dream of living in a nation that eradicates non-whites. This must be how all the race traitors felt when Michael Jackson died.”

The Ku Klux Klan has issued a public statement asking for empathy and grace while its membership processes the news and practices restorative self-care.

“Now is the perfect time to hug your local Klan member,” said Klan rep Mike Bone. “Offer them a shoulder to cry on, or a cloth that isn’t part of their sacred robes to dry their tears. If you really want to cheer them up, our website offers an extensive library of eugenics propaganda to explore together.”

The neo-nazi community is especially exacerbated by reports that Biden’s election win will cease, or even slow, their activities in America. Multiple members have vowed that no amount of ideological bridge-building or outreach across the aisle will stop their activities, though they found the sentiment both “nice” and “a great example of cucklord-SJW society.”

“Yeah, Trump made it real easy to live my truth distributing white pride pamphlets down at the Kroger,” explained White. “But termites don’t stop eating your house once you’ve sold it. I’m still handing out pamphlets til I die. But I would appreciate getting a friendly smile when I do.”

Racist death cults across America are currently accepting donations to help their members through this sad time. They are especially interested in face masks, weapons, bath bombs, arson materials, those kleenexes with lotion infused into them, and any IEDs you maybe have lying around the house.

“We’re taking a moment to pause and reflect,” Said Klan rep Mike Bone. “Sooner or later, we’ll be strong enough to continue our mission of razing America’s corrupt multicultural society to the ground. But right now, we just need some snuggles and smooches, and it seems like liberal America is more than happy to provide them.”